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Chatpter Three- I'm Not Dead

While interviewing witnesses, Gibbs, McGee, Tony and Ziva stumble across faces from their pasts. May be awhile between updates! Warning: Chapters are short. Set sometime in 2011. ?/?, Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby.

“I guess the beginning is,” Ari and Kate glanced at each other, “after I took Caitlin, Doctor Mallard and Gerald hostage.” Ari began, but Kate quickly put a hand on his arm.

“Gibbs, we will explain everything to you, but you have to promise to keep an open mind throughout Ari’s explanation.” Gibbs seemed to think about this for a minute, before nodding. Kate smiled sweetly at her husband and nodded for him to continue.

“After the autopsy rendezvous, I decided to apologize to Caitlin. I broke into her apartment, and waited for her to get home.”

“You broke into her apartment?” Gibbs hissed.

Kate reached across the table, gabbed Ari’s hand and sent a glare at Gibbs. “Let him talk.” She hissed back. Gibbs glared again, but took a sip of his coffee, and Ari spoke again.

“When she walked in and saw me, her old Secret Service instincts returned, and, well,” He paused to chuckle at the memory of their sparring, “she was a pretty good match for me.” He looked at Kate, who was grinning too. “But continuing, we developed sort of a relationship after that.” Kate decided to cut in after this statement.

“It was really hard keeping my romantic relationship with an alleged terrorist a secret from a workplace of federal agents,” She smiled, “but it was worth it.” Ari smirked, and picked up where she left off.

“After a while, we both realized that with the jobs we had, Caitlin at NCIS, and me at Mossad and HAMAS, we could not have the life we wanted. Together.”

“So we went to the Witness Protection Program, and after some convincing, they decided to help us out.” Kate said.

“How could you fake your deaths?” Tony asked, “I was on that rooftop, I saw it, heard it, felt it! I tasted your blood!”

Kate and Ari cast another glance at each other. “This is where it gets cool.” Ari grinned, and Kate laughed. “After Caitlin,” he turned to Ziva, “and I were ‘killed’, the marshal’s rushed in and took the ‘witnesses’.” Ari was adding air quotations in the proper places, and amusing Kate when he did. “I will put it simply. They had some famous ‘shrink’ brainwash you, and made you see, smell, feel, hear and taste things that were not actually there.”

“The power of the mind.” Kate added.

“No! It happened! I felt the gun go off, and I saw you…” Ziva cried.

“Ziva,” Ari reached out with his free hand and put it on top of his sisters. Ziva, without thinking, jerked her hand back and set it down on her lap. Ari looked hurt, but nodded. “I guess I deserved that.”

“You think?” Ziva hissed and it was then that Kate felt she should interfere.

“Anyway, that is how you saw us die, but here we are.” She grinned, but her face fell when the others didn’t see her humor.

“We thought you were dead. For 6 years, we thought you were dead.” Tony whispered and then he looked up. “You could have told us that you were in love with him!”

“Like you would have believed me! You and Gibbs would have come up with some reason that Ari was forcing me to marry him!” Kate raised her voice.

“I’m still not sure he didn’t!” Gibbs yelled.

Kate glared. “If anything, I forced him to marry me!” Gibbs had a look of disbelief on his face. “Would I lie to you?”

“Stockholm syndrome!” Gibbs roared.

“Gibbs!” Kate stood up, and that’s when she noticed a small child in the doorway. “Oh, Abbie!” She rushed over to the little girl and picked her up.

“Abbie?” McGee questioned, staring at the mini Kate.

“Yes.” Ari said, standing up and walking over to his wife and daughter and wrapped his arms around them both.

“How many kids do you have Kate?” Tony asked, not really sure if he wanted to know.

“Counting this one?” She rubbed her stomach lightly, “five.”

Tony clearly hadn’t been expecting that, because the mouthful of coffee that he had just consumed was coughed up and all over the table.

“Ah! DiNozzo!” Kate squealed in disgust, Abbie however, squealed in delight and clapped her little hands. Ari was quick on his feet, he ran over to the stove, pulled the rag off of the handle and tossed it to Tony.

“Thanks.” Tony said as he quickly started to mop up the brown liquid.

“What are their names Kate?” McGee asked as he watched in amusement as Tony tried to get the coffee out of his shirt.

“Hasmia, Thalia, Abigail and Lila.” Kate said proudly.

“All girls.” Gibbs stated, and a quick flashback of Kelly entered his mind.

“Thalia.” Ziva repeated softly, and Ari nodded.

“After our Thalia.” This appeared to be the wrong thing to say however.

“Our Thalia? Our Thalia! You think just because you name your child after her, that makes it ok?! Where were you when she died? Where?! I needed you! I needed my big brother! I needed you! I needed you! And where were you? Oh yeah! You were nowhere to be found! I had to deal with her death all alone!” Ziva was in tears again at this point. “Just like when you died. You could have trusted me! Ari! I am your little sister! I would keep your whereabouts a secret until I died! Do you just not trust me?” Tears were flowing freely down her face at the end of this rant, she quickly turned, and ran out of the house.

After Tony had bolted out after her, Ari turned to the rest of the group. “I do not remember her ever being this emotional.”


A/N: What next? Well I’ll tell you what next! Please review! I wanted to add that Ari switched the bullets in Ziva’s gun with blanks, but couldn’t find a place to put it in…

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