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Chapter Four- I'm Not Dead

While interviewing witnesses, Gibbs, McGee, Tony and Ziva stumble across faces from their pasts. May be awhile between updates! Warning: Chapters are short. Set sometime in 2011. ?/?, Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby.

“Ziva! Hey!” Tony gently grabbed her arm and turned her around. “What’s going on?”

“What do you mean? Everything is fine! Oh, except for the fact that my dead brother is not so dead!” She yelled.

Tony started to pull her into a hug, but she fought against his arms.

“Hey!” Tony looked hurt, so Ziva stopped resisting. “What’s wrong?” His eyes were laced with concern.

Ziva sighed before looking up. “I have a question for you, and I want you to be completely honest.”

Tony’s eyes softened. “I’m always honest with you Sweetcheeks.”

Ziva nodded and took a deep breath. “Do you love me?”

Tony was silent for a moment. “More than anything.”

Ziva nodded. “And you would never leave me, right?”


“Do you promise?” Ziva was starting to tear up again.

“Absolutely.” Tony took a deep breath. “Now will you please tell me what’s going on?”

She nodded again and took a deep breath. “I, I, well, I…” She struggled for words for a while longer, finally forming a coherent sentence. “I’m pregnant.”

Tony was silent for several minutes and Ziva had started to turn and walk away, when he grabbed her arm again. “You’re, um, you’re sure?” He cleared his throat nervously.

Ziva nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

Tony looked shocked for a second longer before his face broke into a grin. “You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant! I’m gonna be a dad!” He laughed, picked Ziva up and spun her around. “I love you so much!” He kissed her passionately on the lips, causing Ziva to smile.

“Really? You are ok with this?”

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I be? I’m having a child with the woman of my dreams!” This was apparently the right thing to say because Ziva pulled his head down and found his lips with her own. He reluctantly pulled away. “We should probably go back inside.” He panted and Ziva nodded, then together, hand in hand, they walked back towards the Harrison house.

“I’m walking on cloud nine!” Tony announced, grinning, and Ziva looked down.

“You are walking on the pavement.” Her face was scrunched up in confusion, and Tony laughed.

“It’s an expression Zee. It means really, really happy.”

Ziva smiled. “I am on cloud nine that you are on cloud nine.”


Tony and Ziva entered the kitchen and Gibbs stood up. “It’s about time you two got back.”

“Is everything ok?” Kate asked with a knowing look on her face.

“Everything’s great!” Tony said happily and Ziva nodded, a grin on her face.

“Ok then.” Gibbs said, completely oblivious. “I’m going to need you,” he looked at Kate, “and your husband to come back to NCIS.”

“No!” Kate yelled, shocking everybody in the room. “As far as everybody at NCIS knows, I’ve been dead for the past 6 years. If I come back now, there will most certainly be hell.”

“You shoulda thought about that before you ‘died’.” Came Gibbs’ calm response.

Ari smirked at this and then put a hand on Kate’s shoulder. “I am sure it will be fine. Think about what will happen when people see me! I am on the wall of most wanted after all.” Now it was Kate’s turn to smirk.

“You’re right.” She turned back to the agents. “You’re going to have to wait awhile while I get our children ready to go.” Gibbs nodded and allowed Kate and Ari to get their things.


Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, Kate, Ari and their four children were currently packed inside the elevator that was headed down to interrogation.

“I don’t see why we need to be put in interrogation Gibbs. It’s not like we killed anyone.” Kate complained as the elevator descended.

“I know that Kate,” Gibbs smirked, “but I thought you’d like a little privacy, and interrogation has that privilege.”

“He makes a good point.” Ari agreed. “I have never been down here before.” He smiled, clearly enjoying the experience. Kate rolled her eyes at this comment.

The elevator doors dinged open and Gibbs and Tony and then Kate and Ziva stepped out. Suddenly, Kate was engulfed in a hug.

“Oh my god! Kate! It’s actually you! I can feel it! I thought you were dead!” Abby said in a rush. She stepped back and took in her friend’s appearance. “Oh my god! You’re pregnant?!” Abby squealed.

“And married.” Kate held up her left hand and the diamond sparkled.

“Oh!” Abby squealed again. “Who’s the lucky guy?” It was then that she noticed Ari standing in the elevator, and let out a scream. “Him!? Oh my god! Gibbs! It’s Ari!” Gibbs put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“I know Abs. I know.”

“But Gibbs! He killed…her…” Her face scrunched up in confusion. “Wait, obviously not, but he still took you hostage! Twice! Kate?!”

Kate chuckled and then took Abby’s arm. “We’ll explain it all to you.” She turned to Ari. “Are you coming?”

He smiled and nodded. “Come along Mia and take Abbie’s hand.” He gently took Tali and Lila’s hands and followed his wife down the hall.


Tony and Ziva watched from observation as Abby took DNA swabs from Kate and Ari’s mouths and Ducky played with the girls.

“What are you thinking right now?” Ziva asked suddenly, and Tony turned to look at her.

“Lots of things.” He answered simply.

“Like?” She prodded.

“Oh my god, I’m going to be a dad. Oh my god, I’m in love with my partner. Oh my god, my dead partner’s alive.” Ziva chuckled. “What about you? What’s going though that pretty little head of yours?”

“Exactly the same except for instead of ‘my dead partner’s alive’ it’s ‘my dead brother is alive.” Tony took her hand in his and together they continued to watch their not-so-lost lost loved ones.


About forty-five minutes later McGee and Gibbs entered interrogation.

“Abby called, the DNA came back a match. It’s them.” McGee announced proudly as he fumbled with a stack of files in his arms.

“Was there really ever any doubt?” Tony asked. “I mean, the details about their ‘deaths’ were so…detailed, that one would think that they knew firsthand about them.” Tony commented.

“Yeah, but its standard procedure.” Gibbs replied, and Tony nodded.

“What is with the folders McGee?” Ziva asked.

“These are background checks on Mackenzie and Andrew Harrison.” McGee began. “Mackenzie Allison Hughes was born to John and Mary Hughes in Beech Grove, Indiana, on April 13, 1976. She went to college in…” McGee struggled with the name for a minute before giving up. “Some art school in France, and graduated at the top of her class. Her current occupation is a high school art teacher.”

“What about Ari?” Ziva asked, curious to see what the biography behind her brother’s alter ego reveled.

“Andrew Thomas Harrison was born in Israel on August 27, 1973, but grew up in Berlin, Germany. His parents were Diane and Arthur Harrison, but both are deceased. He went to college at Edinburg Medical School and is now a doctor at a hospital in Charlottesville. Less than a year later, Hasmia Paige Harrison was born. Two years after that, they had Thalia Madison. A year after Tali, Abigail Lauren was born. And a little more than a year later, Lila Sophia was born. ” McGee looked up and noticed Abby leading their 5 year old daughter into interrogation. He made his way over to the intercom and spoke so that his voice was being heard in the next room. “Abby, what are you doing?”


McGee and Abby had decided to, literally, screw rule 12 and start dating again. A year later, they had a daughter. They were in a relationship, but since Abby had turned down McGee’s numerous marriage proposals, they remained dating but not married.


“I just wanted Kate to meet Kate!” She answered happily, and McGee, Gibbs, Tony and Ziva laughed.


A/N: Ziva being pregnant just came to me and I decided to roll with it. REVIEW!

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