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Chapter Five- I'm Not Dead

You should know the summary by now...

A/N: Sorry for the wait for the last chapter!

For once in my fanfiction career, I have no idea what (else) to have happen! I am open to suggestions!


After Gibbs had questioned Ari and was sure that he didn’t know anything about the murder of the doctor, the Harrison family was allowed to leave NCIS HQ.

Everyone was thinking it, but no one was saying it. Today had been a total bust case wise. Seeing their loved ones again was amazing, but they weren’t any closer to catching the murderer.

Gibbs sighed as he stood up. It was late and he was considering letting the other agents go home when his phone rang.

“Yeah, Gibbs.” He answered and was quiet while he listened to the other person spoke.


Thirty minutes earlier…

Ari quietly made his way down the hall and back into his and Kate’s bedroom.

“Tali just fell asleep.” He pulled back the covers and climbed into bed next to his wife. “Today definitely excited her. She kept babbling about Auntie Abby.”

Kate chuckled as she turned off the TV and cuddled up against her husband.

“I’ve been thinking,” Kate began.

“That’s never good.” Ari whispered under his breath but unfortunately for him, Kate heard it and slapped his stomach with the back of her hand. “What I mean is,” Ari covered, “the last time you ‘were thinking’, you ended up pregnant.”

Kate smirked. “I wanted to give you a son. Is that so wrong?”

Ari shook his head and kissed the top of Kate’s head. “Continue your latest thought. The damage is already done.”

Kate laughed slightly and began again. “I was thinking about names.”

“I am listening.”

Kate snuggled closer against her husbands’ body. “I like Jo…” But Ari cut her off with a wave of his hand. “What?” Kate asked, clearly annoyed and confused.

“Do you smell that?”

“Smell what?” Kate asked as she sniffed the air. “I don’t smell any…” She trailed off as she got a whiff of smoke.

Ari bolted out of bed and ran out of the room. About a minute later he returned. “The kitchen is on fire!” He shouted from the doorway and Kate bolted out of bed as well. Ari ran down the hall to Mia and Tali’s room while Kate ran into Abbie and Lila’s. They grabbed their kids and quickly made their way out the front door. As soon as they stepped out onto the cold grass, they could hear the fire truck sirens approaching.

“Oh, thank god!” Hannah Young cried as she ran out of her house and onto her own lawn. “I was up getting some warm milk and I saw the smoke coming out of an open window in the kitchen so I called 911!” The older woman cried as she made her way over to Kate and Ari. “Is everyone alright?”

Kate nodded. “Yes Hannah, we’re all fine.” Hannah put a hand over her heart and breathed a sigh of relief.

Lila awoke from her sleep as the fire trucks pulled up in front of the Harrison house, closely followed by Abbie and then Mia. Tali had been awoken when her father grabbed her and carried her out of the house.

“What is going on?” Mia asked sleepily as she rubbed her eyes.

“Everything will be alright, Hasmia.” Ari whispered as he set his daughter down in the grass. “Do not worry.” He turned to Hannah. “May I use your phone?”

“But of course Andy dear! I trust you know where it is in the house?” Ari nodded and turned in the direction of Hannah’s house when Kate caught his arm.

“You’re calling Gibbs?” He nodded. “I’lll do it.” Ari gave her a look, but Kate sent him a glare, handed Lila and Abbie to him and began to quickly walk towards Hannah’s house. Once inside, Kate quickly located the phone and dialed Gibbs’ old number. While the line rang, she prayed that he hadn’t randomly decided to change his number. She doubted it, but anything was possible now. After all, McGee and Abby had a kid named after her and Tony was in a serious relationship with her replacement. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

“Yeah, Gibbs.” She heard the familiar voice of her old boss on the other end of the phone.

“Gibbs, its Mackenzie Harrison, I have a bit of a problem.”


“What’s wrong, Mackenzie?” Gibbs asked, stressing Kate’s name, causing his agents to look over at him.

“Our house caught fire, and now we have no place to go.”

“We’ll be right there.” Gibbs said before hanging up. “Grab your gear!” He yelled and the four agents in the bullpen began to collect their things.

“What’s going on, Boss?” Tony asked as he holstered his weapon.

“That was Mackenzie Harrison. Apparently, their house caught fire.”

“Are they ok?” McGee asked as he threw his backpack over his shoulder. Gibbs nodded.

“Yeah, McGee, the only problem is that they have no place to go now.”


Normally, it would take almost two hours to get to Harmony, Virginia, but somehow, Gibbs and Ziva made it there in a half hour. By the time they arrived, the fire was almost completely out. By the looks of it, over half of the house had been destroyed. As soon as the four agents stepped out of the car, they were met with the smell of smoke.

“Agent Gibbs!” Kate called from over by a tree in the yard, and they began to head over.

“What happened?” Gibbs asked, immediately switching into investigator mode.

Kate sighed. “Oh, yeah, we’re fine. Thanks for asking.” She took a deep breath. “We had just finished putting the kids to bed when we smelled smoke. Ari went downstairs to check it out and saw that the kitchen was on fire.”

Gibbs nodded. “Who called 911?”

“Our neighbor.” Ari spoke up. “She said that she saw the smoke from the kitchen coming out of a window.”

Gibbs nodded again and made note in his notebook. “We’ll need to speak with her.”

Meanwhile, Ziva cast a glance at her nieces lying on the grass and quickly shrugged off her jacket. “Here you go.” She whispered as she placed the jacket over them.

“Thank you Auntie Ziva.” Mia murmured, her eyes already starting to close. Ziva smiled softly and stood back up.

Tony, who had been watching her, also took his jacket off and covered the girls up as well. He sent Ziva a smile secretive smile and Ziva grinned at him.

“McGee,” Tony and Ziva looked over at Gibbs, “go interview the neighbor.”

“Yes, Boss.” McGee said as he hurried over to where Hannah Young stood.

Gibbs turned to Ziva and Tony. “DiNozzo, David, as soon as the firemen say that it’s safe, I want you inside that house processing the scene.”

Tony and Ziva nodded and began to walk towards the man in charge.

“Not so fast, Gibbs.” A familiar voice said and the three turned around to see Fornell.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. “Tobias, what the hell are you doing at my crime scene?”

Fornell smirked. “Your crime scene?”

“Actually,” came another voice, “it’s my crime scene.” The two senior agents turned their heads towards the owner of the voice and were met with the sight of another older looking male.

“Who are you?” Fornell asked.

“David Carlson,” he offered his hand to Fornell, “Witness Protection.”


A/N: Ok. So a bit of Kari, Tiva, Gibbs being Gibbs, suspense, a mystery and a cliffy. How was that? REVIEW!

Just so everyone knows, I have up to chapter 8 written. The more reviews, that’s how many hours quicker I will put the next chapter up. Think about THAT!

And, by the way, vamp926. Google and go!

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