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Chapter One: I'm Not Dead

While interviewing witnesses, Gibbs, McGee, Tony and Ziva stumble across faces from their pasts. May be awhile between updates! Warning: Chapters are short. Set sometime in 2011. ?/?, Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby.

A/N: I know that there have been quite a few of these going around, *coughs* Elle, but I thought I’d give it a try of my own. Please tell me what you think!


Gibbs, McGee, Tony and Ziva were out to question a witness, after a doctor in the navy had been murdered after returning home from a conference. They pulled up outside a large house in Harmony, Virginia and hopped out.

“Is this the last stop Boss?” Gibbs sent Tony a glare, and the younger man quieted immediately. The three started to make their way up the front path, when a shout turned their attention.

“Hey! Are you the cops that will be questioning Doctor Harrison?” An older woman asked, running up to them.

“Yes.” Gibbs nodded. “And who are you?”

“Oh.” The woman blushed slightly at her manners. “I’m Hannah. Hannah Young.” She stuck her hand out to Gibbs, who refused to shake it, then to McGee, Tony and Ziva, respectively. “Now, may I ask who you are?”

“Special Agent’s Gibbs, McGee, DiNozzo and David. NCIS.” Gibbs introduced and Hannah nodded.

“NCIS. That’s navy, right?” She asked, and Gibbs smiled slightly and nodded.

“Ah. Well, the Harrison’s are sweet people. I’ve known them for…” She thought for a moment. “let’s see here, they moved in when Mackenzie was pregnant with Mia, so that was, 6 years ago.” She made an obvious mental recalculation. “Yup. 6 years ago.” She smiled. “They have their hands full with their brood.” She smiled. “I’ll let you get on with your interview. If there’s anyone who’ll be able to help with an investigation, it’s Andy. It was nice to meet you all!” And with that, she turned and walked away.

“That, was strange.” Tony commented, and once again, the team made to go up the front walk.

“This is a nice house.” Ziva commented. The house appeared to be two stories tall and was a light yellow. There was a nice sized porch attached to the front, and a two car garage was next to the porch.

“Doctors have quite nice salaries Ziva, I’m sure they can afford this and have plenty of other nice things.” McGee replied, scoffing slightly.

“Oh! And authors can’t?” Tony poked, but this earned him a slap across the back of the head. “Shutting up now Boss.”

Gibbs gave a stern nod and raised his hand to knock at the door. After a few moments of the agent’s standing on the porch, the door opened to reveal a small girl.

“Can I help you?” She asked. She had a medium complexion and shoulder length brown hair. Her eyes were a dark brown that twinkled as she smiled, and she was missing her two front teeth.

“Yeah.” Gibbs said as he bent down to her level. “We’re looking for your dad. Is he here?”

She nodded. “Yes. May I ask who’s looking for him?”

Gibbs smiled, and was about to answer when a familiar accented voice rang through the house.

“Hasmia? Who is at the door?” Then, a familiar face appeared in the doorway, causing the four agents to pull their guns. Hasmia shrieked and ran into the house. The man was exactly as the four remembered, except his hair was slightly longer, and spiked. If he was shocked, he hid it well because no one noticed any difference in his facial expression.

“There is no need to draw your guns.” He put his hands up.

“Andy? Who’s at the door?” Another familiar voice, with a hint of an Indianan accent, called, and once again, another familiar face appeared. She was exactly the same except that her hair was down to her lower back, and it was auburn in color. Another difference was that she was sporting a noticeably large baby bump. For a moment, she had a look of shock on her face, but then it went to anger.

“Special Agent Gibbs, would you mind lowering your gun so that it isn’t trained on my husband?!”


A/N: Who do you think it is? Let me know! Please review!

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